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Sunday 23rd January 2022


Welcome to this week’s Benefice Bulletin. 

TODAY - The Third Sunday of Epiphany

THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at The Good Shepherd with Fr David Heatley

Morning Prayer, 10.30am at St Saviour's with Anne Davies

Shared Worship in the Bay, 4pm at Christchurch, Sandown


Next Sunday - 30th January

THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at St Saviour's with Fr David Heatley

Morning Prayer, 10.30am at The Good Shepherd with Shirley Brown

Shared Worship in the Bay, 4pm at Sacred Heart RC Church hall, Shanklin


(Churches together in the Bay)

15th Jan 2022 to 5th Feb 2022 10am

Christ Church, The Broadway, Sandown

We invite you to attend a four-week bereavement support group to explore issues surrounding journeying through grief. This group will provide a safe, supportive and confidential setting that will enable those that have suffered loss of a loved one to explore the grief process.

For more information contact Rev Mark Williams on 01983 639280,  07873 406558 or  

St. Saviours and Friends Club
The final draw of this Club for the year 2021/22 will take place on the last Sunday of this month. I would like to thank you all so very much for your unfailing loyalty and support for this last year which will total in excess of £660 when final figures are finalised, for St Saviour’s funds. I am now appealing for your continued and hopefully, new support for the next year, February ‘22 to January 2023  and Registration for this has been issued by Isle of Wight Council. Ticket prices remain the same £12.00 for the year ie £1.00 per month. There will be three monetary prizes at present £13.00, £10.00 & £5.00. Whilst primarily supporting St. Saviours, the Club is open to anyone over 16years of age, outside St. Saviours Church. Any number of tickets can be purchased by one person, either for friends or other family members.  Existing and new friends are most welcome - your support is needed please. Jean Attrill will be operating a card machine after Sunday Services at St. Saviours, for those persons preferring this method of payment. It will be available from 9th January.
I am also willing to collect any money from persons unable to get to church.

For more information please contact me, 864787, Thanking you all Jan Hookey
I would also like to record my grateful thanks to lan for all his help with lists etc and
Sarah McCarthy-Fry as Treasurer

St Saviour’s “Raising the Roof” Appeal

St Saviour’s have launched their fundraising campaign to repair the church hall roof which collapsed last year. While there is a temporary cover in place, unfortunately the hall cannot be used until there is a permanent repair.

The cost of bringing the hall back into use is around £50,000. We have received a small amount of grant funding, but there is still a long way to go, so any donation, however small, will be gratefully received.

You can donate online at www.shepherdandsaviour/st-saviours or by cash in the collecting box at St Saviour’s, or by cheque made payable to “PCC St Saviour’s Shanklin” sent to “The Treasurer, Woodside, Upper Hyde Farm Lane, Shanklin, PO37 7PS


Your prayers are asked for…


The sick:

Barry Moore, Bob Richens, Rachael Reid, Iain Reid, Luke Bartlett, Mary Chiverton, Kathryn Mason, Tracy, Rachel Rudge, Michael Burr, Colin Dathan, Kes Grant priest, Rex Punt, Julie Ruck, Patrick Ryan, Kath Sheard, David Smallman, Chris Street, Les White, Bill, Brandan, Clive, Colin, Jacquie, Jean, Jenny, Luke, Natalie, Orlando, Sofi, Sylvia, Trudy, Jo and Kayden

The Recently Departed: 

Anniversaries of death:

23rd Jan - Leslie Dore, Leslie Glover

24th Jan - Cyril Clinkett, Lillian Bones, Claire Prewit, Robert Hayden

25th Jan - Margaret Sargent, Rosemary Shave, Marion Price, Daphne Evans

27th Jan - John Burrage, Douglas Heather

28th Jan - John Barlow, Mabel Phelps, Edie Smith

29th Jan - Sally James

For any other information please contact respective Church Wardens. Please go to the contacts page.

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Keith Haywood on 400191 / 07800955698

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