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in the Diocese of Portsmouth and the See of Richborough

‘Living and sharing the love of God in the Bay’



Sunday 8th January 2023


Welcome to this week’s Benefice Bulletin. 


THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at The Good Shepherd with Fr David Heatley

Morning Prayer, 10.30am at St Saviour's with Anne Davis

Next Sunday - Second Sunday of Epiphany

THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at St Saviour's with Fr Albert Waterman

Morning Prayer, 10.30am at The Good Shepherd



Shared Worship in the Bay, 15th January, 4pm at Lake Methodist Church

Congratulations to Ian Hookey on January 6th -

60 years Dedicated and loyal service as Organist and Choirmaster to St. Catherine's, Ventnor,

St. Paul's, Shanklin, The Good Shepherd & St. Saviours

St. Saviours and Friends Club - The final draw for this Club for the year 2022-23 will take place on Sunday 29th January.  I would like to thank you all so very much for your unfailing loyalty and support for this second year of the Club which will total in excess of £700 for St. Saviours funds, when figures are finalised. I am now appealing again for your continued and hopefully new support for the next year February ‘23 - January’24. Registration has been issued by the Isle of Wight Council and ticket prices remain the same £12.00 for the year ie £1.00 per month. Three monetary prizes of £15.00, £10.00 & £5.00. The Club is open to anyone outside St. Saviours Church over 16 years of age and any number of tickets may be purchased by either one person or for friends and family - your support is needed please.
A card machine will be operating after Sunday services at St. Saviours from the 15th January for those persons preferring this method of payment. I am willing to collect any money from persons unable to get to Church. For more information please contact me 864787, thanking you all, Jan Hookey. I would also like to record grateful thanks to Ian for his help with the lists and Sarah McCarthy-Fry, as Treasurer


St Saviour's charity Christmas card raised a grand total of £127.74 which will be donated to our local Salvation Army for the benefit of the homeless on the island. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.


On behalf of Revd Tony Lawrence, please see poster at the bottom of the page which details a proposed first ever pilgrimage from the Island to Walsingham, planned for October of this year.

Fundraising Recipe Book: Price £4.

There is a sample copy with a list on the table at the back of the church. I can purchase Author copies at printing costs which means the profit will go to the Roof Fund. Jean

St Saviour’s “Raising the Roof” Appeal

St Saviour’s have launched their fundraising campaign to repair the church hall roof which collapsed last year. While there is a temporary cover in place, unfortunately the hall cannot be used until there is a permanent repair.

The cost of bringing the hall back into use is around £50,000. We have received a small amount of grant funding, but there is still a long way to go, so any donation, however small, will be gratefully received.

You can donate online at www.shepherdandsaviour/st-saviours or by cash in the collecting box at St Saviour’s, or by cheque made payable to “PCC St Saviour’s Shanklin” sent to “The Treasurer, Woodside, Upper Hyde Farm Lane, Shanklin, PO37 7PS


Your prayers are asked for…


The sick:

Alpha Simpson, Christopher, Greta Clark, Sandra Hoskins, Garnet Harvey, Roger Hoskins, Les White, Canon George Rayner, David Smallman, Kate Venvell, Rosemary Asher, Barry Moore, Bob Richens, Kathryn Mason, Natalie, Denise, Carol Hamblin, Pat Nolan, Katina Hockney and Sylvia Rayner 

The Recently Departed: Connie Turner

Anniversaries of death:

8th Jan - Phyllis Sleep, William Boulter, Shirley Tome, George Booth

9th Jan - Elisabeth Jarman, Eileen Jones

10th Jan - Ada Hinks, Jack Chapman, Geoffrey Day, Frank Slater

11th Jan - Gwenyth Gregory, Cyril Ratcliffe, 

12th Jan - Betty Scovell, Beatrice Pratt, Diana Barber

13th Jan - Peter Young

14th Jan - Suzette Campbell, Lucy Smith

For any other information please contact respective Church Wardens. Please go to the contacts page.

All enquiries and items for inclusion on the Bulletin or prayer requests should be directed to

Keith Haywood on 400191 / 07800955698

 or emailed to

By Midday on Fridays

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