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Sunday 5th July 2020



A new-style weekly bulletin, replacing both the format used during Lockdown and the pre-Lockdown newsletters.  In future the one bulletin will continue for both parishes, no longer will there be a Good Shepherd version and a St Saviour’s version.  As the Mass leaflets are also ‘new-style’ from this week there is no need to print the readings on the reverse of the Bulletin, although the commentary on the Sunday Mass readings will continue.



This, of course, is wonderful news, although there are quite strict regulations.  Please see the accompanying information sheet, appended on the reverse of the Bulletin and also available on the website, listing the dos and don’ts that we need to observe, not least about receiving Holy Communion.  For reasons of cleaning and hygiene we are, as yet, unable to restore the full pre-Lockdown schedule of Masses but will try to ensure, as well as a Sunday Mass in each church, a morning weekday Mass in each church and one evening Mass a week, hopefully to offer convenient times for everyone.  Holy Hour on Thursday morning is also reinstated. On other days Father David will continue to say Mass at 7.30am to ensure worship is offered daily in the Benefice.






9.30am Mass at the Good Shepherd

11.00am Mass at St Saviour’s



6.30pm Mass at the Good Shepherd



10.00am Mass at St Saviour’s



9.00am Holy Hour at the Good Shepherd

10.00am Mass at the Good Shepherd


Father David’s rest day this week will be on Monday


Information to Father David for next week’s bulletin by Wednesday evening please.


This week’s Daily Prayer Intentions

Today 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Our Benefice and people.

Monday St Maria Goretti: Vulnerable children and their carers.

Tuesday: Thanksgiving for the re-opening of our churches.

Wednesday: Dementia sufferers and their carers.

Thursday: The Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission.

Friday: All victims of Covid-19 throughout the world.

Saturday St Benedict: The Benedictine Order/the people of Europe.


          From Father David, re requests for prayers …

          The lists of the sick and those for whom we have been asked to pray include many names, some of which may no longer be relevant.  Please look at the list for each parish and let me know if prayers are still required. If I haven’t heard with regard to a name it will be removed from the list at the end of July. And don’t forget to let me know of any new names that should be included. Too often someone will assume that someone else has told me if a person is ill or in need of prayers and I don’t find out.  Unfortunately I don’t have a personal radar system … From the end of July the two lists will be combined.


The Good Shepherd’s current list:

          Linda Alcock, Brian Cooke, Kes Grant, priest, Lisa Hawthorne, Brenda Lane. John Peverall, Julie Ruck, Kath Sheard, David Smallman, Rebecca Swyer deacon, Chris Street, Norma Wood, Dorothy, Gemma, Joan, Ken, Tony, Irene, Linda, Isabel, Kathleen, Bradan, Colin, Elaine, Emma, Hannah, Luke, Maria, Natalie, Orlando Richard, and William, Philip and Jill, Justin and Hannah; Clive, Jo and Kayden..


St Saviour’s current list:

          David Aimies, Linda Alcock, Brian Cooke, Kes Grant priest, Nicola Hall, Lisa Hawthorne, Julie Ruck, Kath Sheard, David Smallman, Rebecca Swyer deacon, Chris Street, Norma Wood, Bill, Bradan, Colin, Dorothy, Hannah, Jacquie, Jean, Jenn, Joanna, Joan, Ken, Kevin, Leo, Luke, Mandy, Maria, Natalie, Norman, Orlando, Sofi, Sylvia, Philip and Jill, Justin and Hannah; Clive, Jo and Kayden.


The Recently Departed: Ivy Vater (funeral on Friday), Georg Ratzinger priest.


Anniversaries of death this week:

          Sunday: Muriel Pointestre.

          Monday: Dennis Glover, Charles Lucas, Ernest Hibberd,

          Tuesday: Herbert Barlow, William Walker.

          Wednesday: Christopher Wasley, Mollie Holmes, Bill Hawkins, Elsie Dunkinson, Sidney Taylor, Kathy Glover.

          Thursday: Tim Kent.

          Friday: Joan Shave, Henry Rawlinson.

          Saturday: Kitty Clarke.


Priest in Charge:  Father David Lawrence-March

Telephone 01983 407928 .


Deacon: The Revd Corinne Smith

Telephone 07775 628593 .

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