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Sunday 15th May 2022


Welcome to this week’s Benefice Bulletin. 

TODAY - Fifth Sunday of Easter

THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at The Good Shepherd with Fr David Heatley

Morning Prayer, 10.30am at St Saviour's with Anne Davis

Shared Worship, Sunday 6.30pm at Sacred Heart, Shanklin

Next Sunday - 22nd May

THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at St Saviour's with Fr David Heatley

THE PARISH MASS, 10.30am at The Good Shepherd with Alan Howard

Shared Worship, Sunday 6.30pm at Lake Methodist Church


Sick List refresh

Please remember to add names to the sheet at the rear of the Churches for those that are sick for inclusion in the bulletin

Thank you. Church Wardens


Jubilee Celebration

There will be a Benefice Mass on June 5th at St Saviours Church 10.30am followed by lunch afterwards. Donations of savoury items in packets would be welcome. A sheet will be placed at back of church on 15th to sign if attending.

More information available for Sandra.

St Saviour’s “Raising the Roof” Appeal

St Saviour’s have launched their fundraising campaign to repair the church hall roof which collapsed last year. While there is a temporary cover in place, unfortunately the hall cannot be used until there is a permanent repair.

The cost of bringing the hall back into use is around £50,000. We have received a small amount of grant funding, but there is still a long way to go, so any donation, however small, will be gratefully received.

You can donate online at www.shepherdandsaviour/st-saviours or by cash in the collecting box at St Saviour’s, or by cheque made payable to “PCC St Saviour’s Shanklin” sent to “The Treasurer, Woodside, Upper Hyde Farm Lane, Shanklin, PO37 7PS


Your prayers are asked for…


The sick:

Iain Paddon, Archie Davies, Rosemary Asher, Barry Moore, Bob Richens, Rachael Reid, Iain Reid, Mary Chiverton, Kathryn Mason, Tracy, Rachel Rudge, Michael Burr, Colin Dathan, Kes Grant priest, Rex Punt, Julie Ruck, Patrick Ryan, Kath Sheard, David Smallman, Chris Street, Les White, Bill, Brandan, Clive, Colin, Jacquie, Jean, Jenny, Natalie, Orlando, Sofi, Sylvia, Trudy, Jo and Kayden

The Recently Departed: Nina Ballard

Anniversaries of death:

15th May - Raymond Spicer         

16th May - Gladys Doman, Andrew Marke priest, Winnie Bronwin

17th May - John Seymour-Salaman        

18th May - Philippa Veerstaeten   

19th May - John Gibson, Harry White     

20th May - Arthur Winch, Sister Joan, Nina Trochie     

For any other information please contact respective Church Wardens. Please go to the contacts page.

All enquiries and items for inclusion on the Bulletin or prayer requests should be directed to

Keith Haywood on 400191 / 07800955698

 or emailed to

By Midday on Fridays