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Sunday 22nd November 2020

CHRIST THE KING - St Saviour's Patronal Festival

Unfortunately the public celebration of Mass has been suspended by Government directive during the current COVID-19 lockdown, and will recommence, hopefully, on 6th December, but both churches will be open for private prayer before the Blessed Sacrament on Sundays between 10.30am and 11.30am.  This is not classified as an act of public worship and no social interaction is permitted.  Hand sanitiser is provided, or please use your own.


Thursday at the Good Shepherd

Holy Hour from 9.00am to 10.00am

Private Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament

Father David will be on leave for the rest of the month as he prepares for his move. He sends his grateful thanks for the very kind gift to speed him on his way and regrets the current situation means it is not possible for him to bid farewell to you all personally.  Be assured of his prayers for the parishes in the weeks and months ahead.


Please contact Deacon Corinne or the Churchwardens (Shirley, Kieran, Keith or Sandra) with any queries.


The weekly bulletin will be available online via the Benefice website from Saturday morning.  Hard copies of the Bulletin and the Sunday Mass sheet will be available from the bench in the Vicarage porch and the cloisters at the back of St Saviour’s.  Please take copies for anyone else who might appreciate one, and is unable to collect one for themselves.

This week’s Daily Prayer Intentions

Today CHRIST THE KING: Our parishes and people/St Saviour's Patronal Festival

Monday: Our Churchwardens: Shirley, Keith, Sandra, Kieran

Tuesday The Martyrs of Vietnam: The Church in South East Asia

Wednesday St Catherine of Alexandria: Persecuted Christians

Thursday: Dementia sufferers and their carers

Friday: All victims of Covid-19 throughout the world

Saturday: A right observance of Advent


Please add your name and contact details to the list, which will be destroyed

after the statutory period of twenty-one days.

NEXT SUNDAY – 1st Sunday in Advent

St Saviour’s and Good Shepherd will be open for Private Prayer

before the Blessed Sacrament from 10.30-11.30


The Sick and others who have requested prayers:

Linda Alcock, Luke Bartlett, Brian Cooke, Colin Dathan, Linda Graham, Kes Grant priest, Lisa Hawthorne, Rex Punt, Julie Ruck, Patrick Ryan, Kath Sheard, David Smallman, Al-John Sproat, Rebecca Swyer deacon, Chris Street, Les White, John Wright, Bill, Bradan, Brenda, Clive, Colin, Jacquie, Jean, Jenn, Kathleen, Luke, Natalie, Orlando, Sofi, Sylvia, Trudy, Jo and Kayden.

The Recently Departed: 


Anniversaries of death this week:

           Sunday - 

           Monday - Doris Draper

           Tuesday - Peggy Dore, Desmond Curzon P, George Todd

           Wednesday - Irene Slater

           Thursday - Albert Gates, William Thies, Gilbert Woodman, Phillip Davis

           Friday - Minnie Jackson

           Sunday - Stanley Palczynski


Due to Fr. Davids departure PCC meetings need to be held sooner rather than later to

discuss the interregnum and things moving forward. Dates of 10th December 7pm

at The Good Shepherd and 11th December 7pm at St Saviour’s have been penciled

in which will hopefully be able to go ahead face to face. Those on the PCCS please keep

those dates free. Agenda to follow from the Secretaries.


Moving forward as per letter to congregation Sunday Mass will have to start to

alternate between the two Churches with Mass at one and Morning Prayer at the other.

Therefore moving forward, assuming lockdown restrictions are lifted on the 3rd December

and Public worship is allowed to recommence, it will be as follows:-


Sunday 6th Dec - 10.30am Morning Prayer at The Good Shepherd

                               10.30am The Parish Mass at St Saviour's with Father Anthony Rustell

Sunday 13th Dec - 10.30am The Parish Mass at The Good Shepherd with Father Anthony Rustell

                                 10.30am Morning Prayer at St Saviour's


Priest in Charge: 


Deacon: The Revd Corinne Smith

Telephone 07775 628593 .

Annual Meeting Documents

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