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Music at St Saviour's

The organ is 145 years of age and is a two manual tracker action built by J W Walker. It has a full RCO pedal board which was renewed a few years ago. It has the original speaking stops with the Gt Trumpet being installed around 1904. Three electronic pedal stops were added about twenty years ago to supplement the three pedal ranks. It is maintained and any defects are corrected as they arise. It is now in need of a clean to remove the residue of candles and incense and general dust and debris.


The Sunday Mass is sung with various settings together with a motet. A responsorial psalm is sung by the choir and is different for each Sunday together with gospel acclamations on the three year church lectionary. The hymn book is New English Hymnal occasionally supplemented with New Hymns and Worship Songs.


The choir currently has nine members but we are always looking to add to it. Practice night is Thursday, 7:30pm, for about one hour. Anyone who is interested should contact the organist and choirmaster, Ian Hookey.

The orga
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